What we do in architecture

A precise concept becomes a unique experience/space
through the use of carefully chosen materials in a given context and time

Café García

What we do

Our approach: People and places

We aim to understand our clients’ needs to offer an optimum level of use and comfort

The places we make and the way we make them have an effect on users, both local and global. Increased living standards have led to a new expectation of our internal environment with significant resources being used for the running/maintenance of our buildings. So, architecture has a responsibility to connect to its environment to create long term projects. Through an understanding of local processes, the wider global context and the use of passive design and self finish materials we aim to create a responsible and responsive architecture.

How we work

1. Start phase. Briefing

The process starts by establishing a program of needs and connecting it with the specific Project conditions. These factors will lead to potential strategies for the introduction of the design.

2. Phase ideation. Concept

From the results of the initial phase we produce an incisive study of each proposal from different view points.

· Feasibility Study
It links the capacity of the market in terms of product and the estimated cost of the whole process. This allows both an assessment of the profitability and the possible risks. What is the most appropriate design ?

· Technical Study
Analyzes the potential ability of a location to house the design in the previous point by answering the questions:

  • What does the Town Planning legislation permits in this place?
  • What legal problems posed?
  • What design is constructively and technically feasible?

· Draft
The analysed factors formalize an architectural proposal. It is the physical expression of the concept.

· Concept Design Phase
This phase ends with the consensus between the parties on the concept design that we will go on to develop in the next phase.

All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space. – Philip Johnson

3. Projetct develpment phase

· Schematic Design
This is the first stage of the process, planning a function of time and money. Considering the agents involved and when they appear. It also takes into consideration the influence of external agents such as the town planning management and MEP engineering

· Detail Design Development
Drafting documents to get licenses and everything necessary for proper execution of work, technically and constructively. This part includes the budget of the construction phase.

· Detail Design Management
Monitoring and controlling of the process. Supervising any deviation and making necessary adjustments to the Design when needed.

· Construction Administration
Direct control of the evolution of work and correspondence with the Project Manager, technically and economically.

· Final Phase
The end of work. Final inspection to ensure the quality of finishes is completed according to the original design and specification.

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