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JUAN SALGADO Arch is an international design firm based in Madrid, Spain.

After many years of working on some of the world’s top destination hotels and restaurants, architect designer Juan Salgado decided to start his own studio with the ambition to achieve excellence in design through the creative dialogue with our clients, consultant teams, contractors and end users.

What makes this design firm different from others in the industry is its ability to incorporate highly conceptual and rigorous design practices to real budgets and variety of spaces. We are not interested in extravagant design for the sake of having a cool interior.

Instead, this design firm collaborates with customers, operators and consultants, on all levels, to provide functional, turn-key solutions and full design services for clients that want a successful brand identity designed in a practical way.

Innovation is cultivated in the office through research into concepts, materials, construction techniques and the cultural context of each project.

Juan Salgado

Juan Salgado



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